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Agricultural Insulation

As our winter months in the UK are proving the need to insulate and protect your building from the frost/ extreme cold is in ever growing demand. The invaluable need to insulate your agricultural building can be the difference between keeping your years worth of work or losing it to the elements.


As little as 50mm of spray foam insulation can control the temperature all year round protecting and safe guarding your stored goods from the heat of summer and cold of winter. Spray foam insulation is applied in liquid form from our state of the art machinery, providing a continuous insulation membrane. Insulating cavities and hard to reach areas with ease, providing a Class 1 fire rating complying with BS47 and is non toxic and cfc free.

We are able to apply spray foam at many thickness as little as 25mm can prevent any condensation problems your building may be suffering. We are much quicker in application than any other form of insulation saving your business time and money. Spray foam is a closed cell product and is impervious to moisture, it also offers no habitat to vermin.


Insulating your livestock buildings not only provides insulation values, it eliminates condensation reducing your costs on bedding, feeds and fuel.


With over 14 years of experience, having sprayed many animal and food stores you can ensure a first class service from M L Insulation. We are able to work around any of your business needs ensuring minimal disruption.



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